Am I Tough Enough?

I almost let it happen again.

A massive amount of stuff happened since SummerSlam both on and off the screen. I watched it live on the WWE Network (for only 9.99/mo), which is becoming more and more difficult with my schedule lately. I missed watching Money in the Bank and Battleground live, so this was kind of a big deal.

I can’t even begin to talk about everything so I’m going to touch on a few things.


Heath Slater is the hottest free agent in sports today. And if everything goes his way at Backlash, he’ll finally land a contract with Smackdown Live. That’s if he and The Man Beast, Rhyno, can become the first ever Smackdown Live Tag Team Champions. After being offered a contract if, and only if, he found a partner,  AND together they go on to win the entire tournament, Heath was a man on a mission. Slater trys the Miz and Arn Anderson until finally Rhyno agrees to be his partner, telling Slater he bets a Tag Team Champion can make payments on an above ground pool. Continue reading “Am I Tough Enough?”