Am I Tough Enough?

I almost let it happen again.

A massive amount of stuff happened since SummerSlam both on and off the screen. I watched it live on the WWE Network (for only 9.99/mo), which is becoming more and more difficult with my schedule lately. I missed watching Money in the Bank and Battleground live, so this was kind of a big deal.

I can’t even begin to talk about everything so I’m going to touch on a few things.


Heath Slater is the hottest free agent in sports today. And if everything goes his way at Backlash, he’ll finally land a contract with Smackdown Live. That’s if he and The Man Beast, Rhyno, can become the first ever Smackdown Live Tag Team Champions. After being offered a contract if, and only if, he found a partner,  AND together they go on to win the entire tournament, Heath was a man on a mission. Slater trys the Miz and Arn Anderson until finally Rhyno agrees to be his partner, telling Slater he bets a Tag Team Champion can make payments on an above ground pool. Continue reading “Am I Tough Enough?”


Kenny’s KayFabe Classic – KKFC #FlashbackFriday

Shane McMahon vs Test – SummerSlam 1999

As the wrestling world prepares to head into SummerSlam weekend, I thought it would be a great time to debut what will likely be a biweekly series in conjunction with #FashbackFriday here at Kayfabe Kenny…

Kenny’s KayFabe Classic or KKFC

In this ongoing series I will highlight various matches and feuds that really epitomize professional wrestling and the magic wand that can sometimes be kayfabe. Most feuds will make the list because of how “real” the story feels, while others will fall somewhere in the middle and may require a little more suspension of disbelief.

The first feud I’d like to highlight features a classic SummerSlam bout and one of Shane McMahon’s finest matches. It’s a feud that was fairly simple in execution and I think that speaks to why it was successful. But, before I get to the match I need to lay in the back-story for this time in the company

Early on in 1999, Stephanie McMahon made her debut as “daddy’s little girl” in one of the most elaborate storylines in WWE history. After being stalked and subsequently kidnapped by The Undertaker, Stephanie was about to marry the Phenom against her will. The ceremony was interrupted by the redneck knight in shining armor, the Texas Rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin.


Continue reading “Kenny’s KayFabe Classic – KKFC #FlashbackFriday”

Goodbye IWC

This is the first post as I start down a road not many travel these days. In the age of the internet the “dirtsheets” are so widely accessible that it is nearly impossible to live completely in the moment with the current batch of professional wrestling.

We smarks have completely taken over the web and right now there is a plethora of material covering what happens both in the ring and behind the curtain. But as a fan right now I feel the negative energy building up. I’m not really enjoying the show for what it is. I’m creating all of these pre-conceived notions of what I think should happen based on this minuscule fact or rumor I read about 2 weeks ago from a source “close to the company”.

That’s why I am saying goodbye and will only be following the official websites and social media accounts of any wrestling (promoters and performers) I am currently into. As of right now that’s not nearly as much as I would like it to be, but I hope that once I fully immerse myself into just being a fan again it will not be too difficult a task. I am now and will always be a mark for WWE/WWF. There really isn’t anything that is going to change that, although I will say I do not watch as much NXT as I should (again, I’m going to fix that). I have recently finished Season 1 of Lucha Underground and plan to catch up on Season 2 on iTunes very soon.

I’m not sure how frequently I’ll post on here but I hope to be consistent. I’m watching RAW again from this week. Maybe I’ll try to review it. Not that there aren’t enough of those already out there.