Let’s try this again.

It’s been almost 3 months since I decided to start this blog. It’s also been almost 3 months since my last post. I didn’t really take into consideration all of the other things I had coming up in my life around that time and boy did I get slammed. I’m not going to bore you with why I haven’t been active because frankly you don’t care.

Moving on…

In these 3 months I have stayed true to my purpose of staying away from the IWC and, with the exception of some pretty regular podcasts that I will never stop listening to, I have refrained from any back stage rumors or wrestling news outlets. The outcome has been more than I ever could have hoped for. I am invested in the product so much more than I have been in recent years and it truly takes me back to why I fell in love with wrestling in the first place. The stories are being driven by characters, which are portrayed by phenomenal athletes, whose sole purpose is entertaining the masses. And right now it’s a good time to be a wrestling fan.


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